Lyon, France isn't usually a must stop for those who visit Paris, and then perhaps venture out to Cannes, Versailles and the Provence area as well.

But it should be.

Lyon, a two hour train ride from Paris and nearby the Alps and Swiss border, ranks as the third largest city in France (after Paris and Marseilles) and is "more calm" than Paris, noted Katherine Torres, a 4-year Lyon resident, in her interview with me for the PhotowalksTV series. "It's quite smaller....and you can do some amazing walking."

She speaks my language!

Per Frommer's visiting Lyon will give you "a more authentic taste of what French life is really like."

Yes, there's a new part to the 2,000 year-old city, and it's cosmopolitan, and full of big buildings and large plazas, and that's cool. And the old town, or Vieux Lyon, as it’s called? That will show you what French life was like, once upon a time.

With the little alleys, secret walkways and lonely streets, this is the area Katherine was talking about when she mentioned the walking paradise that is Lyon.

You can see for yourself in the latest PhotowalksTV episode, which was filmed on the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Insta360 X3 cameras.

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