PhotowalksTV In Paris!

Armed with just an iPhone 14 Pro Max and Insta360 X3 camera, I set out to photograph both the greatest hits of the City of Light and cool, hidden spots that perhaps haven't been seen as often. 

As you'll see in the accompanying PhotowalksTV episode, which is part 1 of a 4-part series, highlights include the 7th District and the "This must be what Paris was once like" Rue Cler street, walking over to the Eiffel Tower and seeing all the brides and  grooms posing at sunrise and the magnificent Alexander III bridge, or as it's known over there, Pont Alexandre III, towering so majestically over the Seine river. 

I left the big mirrorless cameras, and my monster 70-200mm lens at home for convenience sake. Sure, my Sony A7IV is sharper, but when you exit the hotel every morning no later than 9 (and for me, even earlier, around 6:30) and don't get back until 9 or so in the evening, not having a giant camera and lens around my neck the entire day sure made me feel great. I also didn't have to worry about theft. 

The great Paris street photographers of the 1940s pranced around town with their 35mm Leica cameras and a basic 50mm lens. I had the 2022 equivalent: an iPhone with a standard 24mm lens (1x), plus additional lenses that are built-in: ultra-wide (13mm) and the 77mm telephoto, making the iPhone way more versatile than the old Leicas.

And dare I say sharper?

Not as sharp as my Sony, but if you time things right and treat the iPhone as a pro camera, you just might get pro results too. 

What do you think? How'd I do?

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