Today's Photowalk is a little different, it's a #Photowalk in the rain. 

Because let's face it, Los Angeles looks better wet than dry, right? And it's not always going to be beautiful and sunny outside. (Despite what the song says about it never raining in Southern California.)

Sometimes it actually does rain and we can get some pretty amazing shots in wet weather. 

What do I like about "Snapping in the Rain?"

I'm no Gene Kelly, but let's start with beautiful reflections that you only get during a rain, the flowing water and mist on buildings.

I like seeing people react to the rain, and of course, the iconic umbrella shot. What's your favorite wet image?

FYI: 24 of the 36 images displayed here were snapped on a smartphone, the iPhones XS Max and 8 Plus and the Google Pixel 3.  

Join me on today's #Photowalk!

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