When you think Los Angeles by the sea, Santa Monica and Venice Beach usually come to mind as the iconic shots. 

One often overlooked little gem of an L.A. community that’s worthy of a closeup is the Marina del Rey area.

The Marina is part of the burgeoning “Silicon Beach,” area that’s attracted mucho tech investment and rediscovery, again, mostly in Venice and Santa Monica, as well as the neighboring community of Playa Vista.

I re-discovered the Marina recently when I brought the Photowalk cameras recently to the coastal community. Photowalk wise, in the Marina you’ve got a fun 3.5 mile stroll that will bring you by boats, seals, calm waters, a bike path and tons of restaurants. If you’re willing to go a little further, you’ll find the ocean and one dynamic coast.

I know the Marina. You probably know the Marina. I drive through it all the time. But there’s a major difference between a drive-by and actually getting out of the car, with your camera eye turned on, and soaking up the neighborhood. It gave me an all-new appreciation for the area.

Let’s put it this way. I’ve lived in the L.A. area for many years but it wasn’t until this Photowalk that I got to hang out on a dock watching the sunrise (above) with three local seals by my side. Please join me on the Marina del Rey Photowalk.

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