As regular readers know, I like to wake up really early and often head straight to the beach, where you’ll usually find me snapping morning photos of Manhattan Beach.

I can shoot it from every angle, but it’s usually this one, looking straight out at the majestic Pier, that gets the most response.

Readers love these Piers. I’ve photographed them in Manhattan and down the coast to Hermosa, Redondo, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. I’ve gone north to Santa Monica, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Goleta and Pismo Beach and even captured one of the more unique piers on the island of Kauai.

But there’s something about the Manhattan Beach Pier that really sings to people.

No matter the angle, no matter how times my online friends have seen it, it touches them somehow.

What is it? The long walkway and a Round House at the end? (Huntington Beach has a round house with red roof at the end too, and a Ruby’s diner inside, but the pier is like three times longer and has two gift shops. So just not the same, right?

What are your theories? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Those of you who follow me know I’m not a #NoFilter photographer. I enjoy pushing the iPhone and adding some app moves to bring out the clouds, because let’s face it, the pier is a lot more interesting this way. My app of choice is usually Adobe Lightroom Mobile (free) and playing with the Dehaze and Blacks slider.

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