Coronavirus: the closed beaches of the South Bay

Many of the Los Angeles and Orange County beaches are now closed, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

You are encouraged not to walk on the sand, stroll on paved paths or visit the Piers. I’ve got the video proof, from Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo Beach here in the #Photowalk video below.

My friend Jan also contributed clips from Laguna Beach in the O.C. as well.

Initially, I figured the county and local cities would be treating this as seriously as they do smoking violations.

A sign here and there and that would be it.

After all, it’s against the law to smoke in Hermosa and Manhattan in a public setting, but I’ve never seen a cop write a ticket to the many smokers I see out on the streets.

Yet Saturday morning, when I got into position on the Strand to snap an overhead shot of the Pier, I was indeed visited by one of the Manhattan Beach’s finest, on a motorcycle, encouraging me to step back.

When I walked out onto the sand Friday, shortly before the ban went into effect, a lifeguard told me to go back upstairs and stay off the beach. ‘

In fact, Saturday morning, I noticed the lifeguards driving up and down the sand to enforce the rules.

This is great. If you’re going to announce a ban, enforce it! Of the three South Bay Beach Cities, I saw more signage, in Redondo, yet at the same time, some of the Pier restaurants are still open for takeout, so you are allowed to visit.

L.A. County has closed beaches through 4/19. Hopefully we’ll all get back out there again, sooner rather than later, right folks.

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Manhattan Beach:

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