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Laguna Beach, July 2017

The wonders of the Southern California hamlet of Laguna Beach on a July, Saturday summer day. 

The streets are jammed with cars (officials really want you to park out of town and take a shuttle in) and if you're lucky to find a spot, it will cost $15-$20 for the day. 

But what a skyline! It's like our French Riviera, but closer to home. 

A July Saturday finds a typical beach scene--women catching rays in the sun, but with a 2017 twist. Two of them are reading their iPhones, while another is digging a hole in the sand--or, as reader Kirk Sand suggests, is she looking for a lost iPhone? 

We find buskers in town playing guitar and singing, a young girl who doesn't appear to be so sunny, and some natural Laguna icons. 

You didn't ask, but our favorite Laguna eatery is called Carmelita's and it's on Beach Street, the main block that ends at the seaside basketball court. It's pricey, but they do Mexican foods really well. 

Laguna Beach
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