Venice Beach, July 29, 2017

The crowd is out in force in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of the great wonders of Los Angeles, one big party where people watching is at a premium, with free street shows, pizza for $1.99 and a wide, warm beach nearby. 

You can check in with a psychic for $1, get your name engraved on a piece of rice, buy legal weed, if that's your thing or just enjoy the party!

We came to Venice, armed with the new Sony A9 camera and the killer Sony 70mm-200mm G Master lens, just having a blast capturing people having a good time. 

There are few places in Los Angeles that are anything like the Venice Beach experience, which critics may contend is very honky-tonky and a little seedy. 

Santa Monica is slightly more upscale, with its amusement park and way bigger crowds, while the beach towns of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa, Redondo and Newport are very more upmarket. And Venice is one of the more challenging places to park. 

But no one puts on this kind of wild show. 

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
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