17 best images of 2017

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Inspired by Mark Comon of Paul's Photo (thanks Mark!), I was challenged to come up with the 12 best shots of the year before 2017 ended, my own personal calendar. 

But I decided to go one step further, with a bonus calendar that can extend through 2019, and 17 shots, plus a handful of video clips. 

We offer, on this page, some street photography (Kobe, Japan, Hollywood Blvd., the New York City subway, Venice Beach) travel (Cannon Beach, Oregon, a San Francisco seaplane, Jasper, Alberta), some dreamy shots of my hometown Manhattan Beach, a visit to my first Quinceanera,  and why not a little Jimmy Roll from Providence, Rhode Island to top it off? 

Below--a fun video I shot from the skies off Route 5 in California, from LA to SF, in what is normally boring as heck and a GoPro timelapse of the 8/21/17 Solar Eclipse. 

Thanks for viewing everyone--and here's to a great 2018!

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