Baker, California - Jefferson Graham
The deserted gas station by the side of the road in Baker, California, as you exit Route 15 from Las Vegas

Baker, California

You are looking at the lonely shell of  the former Arne's Royal Hawaiian Hotel, in the desolate desert pull-over town of Baker, California.

Baker is best known as the tiny rest stop with the world's largest thermometer, where high temps can actually top 110 degrees plus in the summer. It's 90 minutes from Las Vegas, and also considered "the gateway to Death Valley National Park."

But sadly, Baker has seen better days. Face it, most motels get torn down. In Baker, why bother?"

And that's good enough for us to get out of the car and document it, right?

Fly over Baker with us!

It's not just the Royal Hawaiian that has gone bust. 

Remember the Bun Boy? The hamburger restaurant was among the most aggressive billboard advertiser on Route 15. But it's now no longer there. (The Mad Greek still is, though!)

And on the other side of the 730 person population town from the Royal Hawaiian sits this old gas station, which vandals have torn apart. 

Welcome to Baker!

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