Eclipse August 21, 2017!

Totality--a 10 second timelapse

We were on assignment for USA TODAY and the Salem Statesman-Journal for the Great American Total Eclipse, traveling from Los Angeles to the Newport and Corvallis, Oregon area for the big event.

It was in Newport where the eclipse first was visible from land. 

Below, photos preceding and on the big day. If you haven't already, please check out the time-lapse above from when Totality hit the Oregon coast in Newport. 

We shot it on the deck of the Clearwater restaurant. 

Newport, pop. 10,000, was expected to be invaded by thousands of people, but as you can see, things were quite quiet on the streets. 

We figure there were about 20 people watching on the deck of the Clearwater, compared to over 100 loud Sea Lions. 

Janell Goplen, the co-owner of the Clearwater, was kind enough to invite us to do our live-stream from her restaurant deck., which overlooks the water, and all those loud Sea Lions!

Here are some quick shots we got of the moon dashing in front of the sun and making some interesting shapes before the Path of Totality began. 

They were snapped on the Sony RX10II camera, and yes, they were filtered. 


Below, our video coverage from Newport. We talked to locals about the surprise no-show of tourists, hotel operators who still had rooms available for as much as $699 a night, and a visit to a Lighthouse which offered the first glimpse of the eclipse.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for this snippet from our Instagram Livestream of the eclipse itself. 

Slow times in Newport

Motel rooms were still available for $699

The first place to see the eclipse

Full totality timelapse

Instagram Live

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