Haight Street, San Francisco 11/4/17

Haight Street in San Francisco was once the home base for the "summer of love," in 1967, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and the fledgling Bay Area rock scene. 

It is today a wacky mix of hipsters, burned out hippies and homeless, in a hilly section of town near the foot of the Golden Gate Park that happens to house some amazing victorians from another time. There's also a whole lot of record and thrift stores, head shops and such. 

Those who know me know of my history in the Haight from the once upon a time era, so it was fun to go back on 11/4/17 and revisit with my camera. (If you don't know the history, just ask--I'll be glad to tell you!)

Camera: Sony RX10IV.  Click the above image to see the gallery. 

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