iPhone XS Max vs. 8 Plus

The biggest, most expensive iPhone is said to have the best camera Apple has ever put into an iPhone. 

So naturally, we set out to do back to back shots with the new XS Max and last year's 8 Plus to see what kind of differences pop. (The new XS, which starts at $999, has the same camera, BTW)

Can you tell? Offer us some feedback here, or via @jeffersongraham on Twitter

The above three photos were taken in low light, which is where you do see the difference. The Max is a better performer, as you can see in the color and detail of Mr. Jinx the cat, my friends Tony and Coni (look at the shadow detail in Tony's eyes) and the blur effect of the Daffy Duck glass. 

This is a software trick that lets you adjust the background blur after you've taken the photo in Portrait Mode. Look at the top of the glass in the Daffy Duck Max shot and you'll see what the 8 Plus can't do in the same image. 

See below, for screen shots of "Depth Control" in action. 

Apple tells me that in great, normal daylight, the differences will be minor, as you can see for yourself below. 

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