Juan's Flaming Fajitas & Cantina, Las Vegas

If you happen to be a fan, as I am, of sizzling fajitas, then you'll want to visit Las Vegas, where I believe the greatest fajitas ever happen come out of the kitchen of Juan's Flaming Fajitas. 

Click the video below, and see if that doesn't entice you. 

Juan's has two locations, off the Strip (about a twenty minute drive):

9640 W Tropicana Ave

And a new location in Henderson: 

16 S Water St, which technically has a Las Vegas address.

Untitled photo

The flames may seem like a gimmick, and perhaps they are, but these fajitas are tastier this way than any others I've ever had, and besides, what's more fun than seeing your dinner go up in flames before your very eyes, right by your booth? 

Photos from a recent Cinco de Mayo celebration at Juan's, with a rockin' mariachi band!

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