Photographs with the new Sony RX10IV

A lifeguard stand, with Redondo and Hermosa in background

These were taken with the new Sony RX10IV camera, between 6:30 and 7 a.m. on 10/24/17 in Manhattan Beach, California. 

The RX10 is a "bridge" camera, bigger than a point and shoot and smaller than a DSLR, that has long been my favorite go-to camera for travel and journalism. 

I've been shooting with the RX10II, which has a built-in 24mm-200mm lens and a 2.8 lens opening, offering me every focal length I could possibly want. It's small, compact and light, but it has a smaller image sensor than bigger DSLRs, at 1 inch. 

The new IV has a mammoth 24mm-600mm lens, and you can see the difference here. The above shot is at 600mm, while directly below, the street scene and the close-up on the Kettle, you can see 24mm and 600mm. 

What astounds me about that shot is that it was handheld, at 1/13th second, so it really shouldn't be as sharp as it is! (The rule of thumb in photography is not to shoot any lower handheld than 1/60th of a second, or you'll get the shakes.)

Manhattan Beach at dawn
Close-up of the Kettle
Under the Manhattan Beach Pier
The Manhattan Beach Pier at dawn
Untitled photo

For more, click the Gallery below. 

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