Kelby LA

1. Skylines: Where to go to shoot the classic L.A. skyline, and what gear you need. Show the difference between the shots at my two favorite locations, Culver City steps and Kenneth Hahn Park, and how they compare to the other great shot, from Vista Hermosa Park downtown.

"Snow Day in L.A."

2. Griffith Observatory. The best spot for L.A. at night, but it isn’t easy. It takes some good hiking, and a really long lens. I’ll show you where exactly to go to get this shot.

"Griffith Observatory at night"

3. Hollywood Sign. This is the shot everyone wants when they come to L.A., but because it’s in a residential neighborhood, L.A. has made it very hard to get. The official spots for shooting the Sign are misleading and crappy. I’ll show you how to get it, and what you need to do to get up and close and personal with the sign.


4. Beach cities. Nothing is more iconic than a lifeguard tower at the beach or an amazing pier to say, “I’m in L.A.” We’ll show some of our favorite spots, techniques and timing for capturing the beach at the right time. We'll show the warm and fuzzy (Manhattan Beach) and gritty (Venice)

The Double Rainbow over Manhattan Beach
"Venice Beach, Windward & Pacific"

5. Beverly Hills. One of the most colorful cities in America. Where to pick some shots worth framing.

Beverly Hills Rolls

6. Mid-town. Los Angeles is a funky, urban jungle that screams gritty. Where to pick up some iconic gritty shots.

Saturday afternoon on Melrose Avenue, 10/10/20

7. Downtown LA. We show the highlights: Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Hall, the Bradbury Building, Music Center, historic Union Station and City Hall and how to capture them.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

8. Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s dirty, it’s seedy, but you’re gonna go. So we show where to get a memorable shot.

Batman hanging on Hollywood Blvd.

9. The Freeways. Nothing screams California more than the California freeway. Where to get the iconic freeway shot, with cars whizzing by, or better yet, with the LA skyline over the cars? We’ll show you.

"Empty L.A. Freeway"

10. Hollywood movie locations. Think Hollywood and you think great movies. We’ll show you where to go to stand in front of iconic shots from “La La Land,” “Blade Runner” “Chinatown” “Rebel without a Cause” “Pretty Woman.”

The Bradbury Buildings: DTLA
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