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Photowalks TV show

The Photowalks with Jefferson Graham series is available on YouTube, the Roku Channel and Tubi.

In the series, veteran journalist Jefferson Graham, best known for his tech columns for USA TODAY, takes viewers on walks through scenic places from around the world, coupled with strategies for getting that postcard-perfect shot.

Photowalk Cayucos

Join Jeff and his cameras as they explore exotic locales like Portugal (Porto and Lisbon), the big island of Hawaii and all 363 miles of the Oregon Coast, as well as urban Los Angeles, from LAX to DTLA, the islands of Catalina and Balboa and the Central California Coast beach towns of Morro Bay and Cayucos.

For each Photowalk episode, Jeff joins local experts in search of the best and hidden photo spots, including Jose Manuel Santos in Porto, Ginger DiNunzio in Morro Bay, Susan Dimock in tiny Bandon, Oregon and Kristin Metcalfe on Catalina Island.

The Photowalks concept, which originally debuted on YouTube in 2018 and racked up over 4 million views, moved to streaming in an expanded, more in-depth, and cinematic format.

“I created Photowalks because traditional travel shows wow you with beautiful pictures of places you’ll want to visit, but never slow down and show you how they got them,” says Graham. “They give you a travel brochure version of what a town is like, but you rarely hear from the people who live there about their insights. I wanted to share my love of exploring the outdoors on foot and show what’s possible with a smartphone and a camera that’s within anyone’s budget.”

Scott Kelby, the number one photography book author, Photoshop expert and CEO Of the Kelby One photography education website, says “If you’re not following Jefferson Graham, you oughta — he posts a lot of cool stuff, and in particular videos of photo walks in various locations where he gives you really interesting ideas of places and things to shoot.”

“Jeff acts as the advance team and scouts out locations for you and records it, so when people travel there, they don’t have to figure it out from scratch,” says Frederick Van Johnson, the host of the “This Week in Photo” podcast.

Executive Producer Peter Spirer says, “finally a place for the everyday person to go, to easily understand where and how to get the most memorable shots of their vacation, whether at a staycation or on travel worldwide.”

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