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Pismo Beach is a tiny classic Golden State beach town, with a lot going for it. That's why we just devoted a new episode of #PhotowalksTV to Pismo!

Pismo (population just over 8,000) boasts dramatic cliffs and caves, and if you look up in the skies, you'll notice many large pelicans cruising for lunch and dinner in the ocean.

This little town of just over 8,000 people is a photographer's paradise, with one of the most walkable beaches anywhere, due to the tides that rule the town.

The tides are so large they wet and harden the sand, which makes them them so walkable. Down in Oceano, 2 miles away, the beaches are so hard-packed that you can actually drive on the sand. (While I love driving on the beach, photographing the dunes is my highlight here. They're amazing!)

Don't forget about the caves (at low tide) by the sea and shooting sunsets from the Pier. Interesting factoid: Pismo is considered "Fresno Beach." It's about a two-hour drive from the Central California town, and the closest beach to the valley. When you meet visitors, if they're not from Fresno, they're most likely from Bakersfield. 

Pismo Beach is on Highway 1, about 90 miles north of Santa Barbara, and 15 minutes south of San Luis Obispo. Nearby beach towns include Avila Beach and Shell Beach and the California state park Montana de Oro. 

The Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo Beach are legendary, while local favorites Hoagie's and the Splash Cafe also have long lines of customers eager to buy. Our favorite sit-down restaurant for dinner is Guiseppe's.

Check out our audio podcast on Pismo!

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In the PhotowalksTV episode, I met up with the great local photographer Amy Joseph, who has a little shop in town where she sells her prints. Amy's specialty is capturing the natural beauty on her camera. Her website is CentralCaliforniaPictures.com

I accompanied Amy on a sunset shoot to one of her favorite spots, near the Butterfly preserve, which gave us a wonderful vantage point to shoot the night colors through the trees. 

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